Oregon Grape Extract

Oregon Grape Extract

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Known to us Coloradoans as Colorado Goldenseal, this is a wonderful alternative to the endangered goldenseal. It boasts healing properties both internally and externally. Astringent, antibiotic, amoebocide, anti-inflammatory, alterative, vulnerary and a bitter. Has a variety of therapies, from treating intestinal distress such as diarrhea to acting as a powerful antibacterial for tooth infection, it is a valuable asset to the plant medicine cabinet.

Ingredients- Oregon Grape root and 70% organic cane alcohol

Oregon grape is counter indicated for people with Raynaud’s disease as it may produce numbness or tingling sensations with high doses.

Some people report a slightly sedative effect of Oregon grape. For those already using anti-anxiety drugs, Oregon grape is not recommended.

Large amounts of this herb is not recommended (or required) as the tannin’s can cause stomach upset.

Pregnant or nursing women should only use Oregon grape under the advise of a qualified health specialist.

Discontinue use of Oregon Grape if allergic reactions occur.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any illness. For informational purposes only.

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